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Copper Squid

To continue the cephalopod obsession, I had noticed that my friend Richard had made a brass squid for a recent steampunk festival and so I asked him to show me how to make one. This is a quick photo diary showing how we made a squid from copper using some simple fabrication techniques.

First of all I made a paper template the rough shape of a squid.

Then we raided Richard’s garden for some spare copper.

Trace the template and cut it out.

Anneal ready for some bending and hammering.

Hammer with a rounded head to stretch the copper into a rounded shape.

Some more hammering around a round shape.

Add texture dimples with a flat hammer over a dome shape.

To make an eye use a tube to create a circle indentation and a blunt centre punch for the pupil.

Bend the edges round to create a more lifelike shape.

Twist the tentacles with pliers.

Gives it a slight polish and finished!