Interactive 2012

Myself and Alan Broun, were commissioned to produce an interactive art piece based around the microsoft kinect sensor. This work was to be exhibited May 18th 2012 at the Bristol Watershed.

“On the 18th May at Watershed there will be an exhibition of Chris Dickinson’s new interactive art installations.

The works are all designed to engage their audience in the act of constructing and deconstructing the art before them. They pose questions about our self-identity, and how forces such as power, history and technology affect the way we live.

The works play with the idea that reality is our own construction; that there is more than one way of viewing reality. By opening up a work to the audience, different realities can take shape and be experienced. Dickinson wants to engage the viewer in an experience that opens up possibilities to be an active participant in society rather than a passive recipient.”

Interactive 2012 creates a live mini video of you as an art critic. Walk in front of the work and you appear on the screen. As you’re recorded, you join a room full of critics who contemplate – with you – the next person to come along.

In a technical description of the project, a kinect sensor is used to locate a user, using the OpenNI libraries. Approximately 2 seconds of the user’s movement is recorded to memory, then played back on to a dynamic texture using the Ogre 3D graphics library. Each user recording is added to a row of people in the rendering. When a row is full, it is pushed backwards in the scene to make way for a new row to be created. Over time the rows build up creating a large crowd of ‘virtual critics’ in the gallery.

Video of the work:

Extended video of exhibition:

The response from the people that interacted with this work was positive. Many people enjoyed experimenting with their recordings, trying to create interactions between the old and new recordings in the virtual crowd.