As part of Illuminate Bristol, GreenGinger (A local successful puppet company) invited us to join their project contribution, “Regenerator”. Regenerator is an interactive animatronic shop front installation that combines puppetry, model making and robotics into a wonderfully dark and elegant metaphore to describe the relationship between industry and society.


This project was supported by a total of 30 volunteers working extremely hard to pull together a very complex and detailed piece. From the fine intricacies of the miniature set displays, or the superb tailoring of the puppet costumes to hundreds of meters of wiring, everyone involved took full ownership of this piece, and it shows.

The story of Regenerator starts are your feet. As you first show interest in the display, you will noticed that you have caused some old walking legs to push belt. This is the start of the machine. The more interest you show, the more reaction you get.













The full list of people who made this happen:

Some more pictures

A video of early workings