Monthly Archives: July 2012

D-Link 320 NAS & Logitech Squeezebox Server

I’ve had a D-Link NAS enclosure for a while now with my movies and music on. It has an 800MHz ARM processor inside that you can take control of, and install things like Logitech Squeezebox Server for devices like logitech squeezeboxes or android devices with a squeezebox client. By installing fun_plug you can run scripts to start unix services from your NAS.
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FFT in matlab

I have a few things to update with but I’ve been too busy. In the mean time, I have been trying to do some frequency analyses on my research project. This is a great tutorial;

Also, I have been working on making a shop to sell some laser cut products. I think it will be ready in a month(ish). Its all online, so if you wish, I can order to your hearts content. Il do a proper post soon.