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AVR ATtiny2313 in eclipse

I have just returned to using AVR chips, in particular the ATtiny2313 and it really is tiny to use. I am running on mac os x, and avrstudio wont run on mac, but luckily there is an eclipse avr plugin that works really well. First of all you need to install an avr compiler, avrdude. You can find it to download here cross pack. This provides you with a command line compiler for a selection of avr chips.

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D-Link 320 NAS & Logitech Squeezebox Server

I’ve had a D-Link NAS enclosure for a while now with my movies and music on. It has an 800MHz ARM processor inside that you can take control of, and install things like Logitech Squeezebox Server for devices like logitech squeezeboxes or android devices with a squeezebox client. By installing fun_plug you can run scripts to start unix services from your NAS.
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